What NOT to Do on Mother's Day


Almost everyone loves Mother’s Day. Dad loves it, the kids love it, greeting card companies and florists especially love it. The one person who may have a contrary position? Mom. Here are some typical scenarios of Mother’s Day. Treat them all as labeled: Don’t do this!

Make Mom breakfast

Yes it’s a lovely idea. The kids and Dad come up the stairs, smiling away with a breakfast tray with a plate of toast, bacon and eggs, a hot cup of coffee, and a tulip ripped out by the roots from Mom’s flower garden. Lovely idea … except when Mom comes downstairs and faces a kitchen that puts her in mind of the aftermath of prison riots. And where is the rest of the family? By now they’ve made their escape to video games. Don’t do this!

Let’s do the gardening! 

Depending on the weather, Mother’s Day may well fall on the weekend where one can safely purchase and bed plants without them turning into victims of a late frost. But do not assume this is necessarily the day Mom wants to spend pulling kids out of the fountain in the garden center or hacking away at the soil like a coal miner. Don’t do this!

Let the kids choose the movie

Watching a movie together is a great family idea. Sometimes. It’s a great idea when everyone agrees on what movie to watch, which happens with the same frequency as a full solar eclipse. If consensus isn’t reached instantly, do not concede defeat and "leave it up to the kids." They may think that watching all seven Star Wars episodes is a great way of spending the afternoon. Mom probably won’t enjoy it as much. Don’t do this!

Let’s all go out to dinner! 

Oh, such good intentions are wrapped around this one. Mom doesn’t have to cook. Dad gets to air out the credit card and feel all puffed up. Good luck with that. The reality is a jam-packed Family Restaurant with the only grace being that the screams, wails and crying of neighboring tables are drowned out by the screams, wails and crying emanating from one’s own tables. Don’t do this!

Mom’s present 

If the Mother’s Day gift will result in any of the following things: cleaning, cooking, assembling or a major restructuring of the living room furniture, easy answer: Don’t do this! The same rule applies to any perfume or scent that has been heavily advertised on TV or comes in a jug big enough to transport moonshine.

All right, so now the family is feeling desperate. All the great ideas have been shot down. So what should one do for Mom on Mother’s Day? Do this: Ask her!

Stephanie Glover is a Collegeville, PA mom of two. This post was adopted from her blog, A Grande Life


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