Tracy Rossi


MetroKids Magazine wants to get to know our readers and is excited to introduce a new feature in our magazine that spotlights a mom living in our area. We ask her to tell what she likes best about where she lives, share some parenting insights and more.

Meet Tracy,
our January 2012 MetroKids Mom:

The Basics

Kids & Pets: one 5-year-old son, one Yorkie, two betta fish and 12 hermit crabs

What do you like best about where you live?

The community is safe and the people are friendly and outgoing. We are close to Skippack Village, PA, which has some fantastic restaurants and activities for the children. There is always something going on.

Any parenting advice?

Love, love, love! Spending as much time with your child as possible, creating as many memories as you can, playing games, being involved. Time is probably one of the most precious commodities we have on this earth. We can use all our time to make money — or we can forgo on some things and invest our time in raising well-adjusted and loved individuals. Investing time in our family is by far the much more valuable and wise investment.

Winter snowstorms: love 'em or hate 'em?

LOVE the winter, we enjoy outdoor winter activities and the peacefulness of the night. One thing I do not like is the driving 🙂

Currently reading…

Any type of cookbook

Currently watching…

Real Housewives of New Jersey and Orange County

Currently listening to…

101.5 talk radio or any soft rock

Describe your family in three words:

Love, honor and respect (it's all free)

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