Top 10 Frazzled Mom Moments

10. Skipping off to my daughter’s swim practice with a twinkle in my eye (bag pre-packed; we are on time!), just to realize at the Y that the coach had canceled the session, as per his three previously sent, and promptly overlooked, e-mails.

9. Returning home during lunch to find kids’ toothbrushes on counter, untouched.

    8.     Packing in laundry, breakfast, dishes, hair styling, tooth brushing (most of the time), agenda signing, note writing, coffee sipping, Martha Speaks snippets watching, and brief clarification on why going potty in the morning is nonnegotiable, all before 8am, while not being entirely sure if my own shoes match as I’m pulling into my office’s parking lot.

    7.     Skipping out of a meeting and dashing past the packed conference room on my way out to drive a forgotten project to my daughter’s school. Returning ten minutes later, wheezing, and pretending that nothing had happened.

    6.     Letting tomorrow’s school lunches cool on the counter after preparing them at 10pm with instructions for dad to put them in the fridge before going to bed. Dad promptly forgetting the lunches on the counter, which then led to another short-order cooking session at 6am the next morning, which dad shortly thereafter tossed out, assuming it was last night’s forgotten lunch. (If you are keeping track, we had to prepare a third round.)

    5.     Putting the hairbrush in the fridge after clearing breakfast table, and then barking at everyone for having lost the brush and threatening a boycott on looking ‘put together’ for that day.

    4.     Arriving at my desk perfectly on time, for once, where a voicemail “gently” alerts me to the fact that I must have packed up my husband’s car keys in my purse. (Revisit item # 7 for subsequent steps).

3    .  Fa lling apart while watching a Chevy pickup truck commercial (!) since they perfectly captured how a little boy’s imagination beautifully blends into the reality of dad pulling up in the driveway with said truck. (Did I mentioned it was a pickup truck commercial?!) 

2. Spending two entire months obsessed with obtaining the kids’ passports, meticulously planning for our trip to my home country overseas, and packing and repacking their suitcases, just to arrive at the airport without my Green Card (and jeopardizing the entire trip right there at the counter!) As a foreign national, the U.S. won’t allow my re-entry without it. (Briefly considered a #7-like maneuver, but was too far from home.) A Lufthansa clerk and FedEx's guaranteed overnight delivery of said card for a small fortune saved my neck.

1. Getting teary eyed when coming across my daughter’s birth certificate in the family documents box (before my husband told me that I’m actually holding his car’s title, not said certificate). Yes, I’m a sap. And I love it.

Marion Kase is a Berks County, PA mom of a preschooler and a 4th grader. Read her blog, Helicopter-Caterpillar, at

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