To the Grandparents — What My Kids Really Want this Christmas

With Christmas comes my annual fight/nonfight with the in-laws. You know those times when you want to scream but bite your tongue to keep the peace. My in-laws, God bless them. They want to spoil my 3 boys with toys to open on Christmas day. I, however, don't want the focus on toys. I want it on spending time together, building experiences, making memories.

Toys will break
batteries will burn out,
years will pass by,
grandparents will pass on,
but memories will last forever.

And so this Sunday, when I seemed at my wit's end I was inspired to write what my kids really want this Christmas. Grandma, Pop Pop, Oma if you are reading this my kids don't need another toy this Christmas what they really want is you!

Instead of buying a movie, have a movie date together.

Instead of a big box of animals, take them to the zoo.

Instead of race cars, build a race car model together.

Instead of toy dinosaurs, dig up dinosaur fossils at a museum.

Instead of an electronic toy that teaches, stop over on an afternoon to help with homework.

Instead of the newest video game, share your favorite board game with them.

Instead of buying a kite, make one you can fly together.

Don't just buy a book, take time to read it together.

Don't just buy them building blocks, build something amazing together.

Don't just buy a butterfly habitat, schedule a picnic in the park for the butterfly release.

Don't just buy a princess dress and tiara, plan a coronation ceremony.

Don't just buy a bike, make a date to take a bike ride together.

Don't just buy light sabers and swords, challenge them to a duel.

Don't just buy roller skates, take them out for a spin.

Don't just buy them a music instrument, help them learn to play.

Don't just buy them a tent, embark on a camping adventure.

Don't just buy colors and paints, create a masterpiece together.

This Christmas don't just buy toys, make memories.

Jennifer Auer is a South Jersey mom. This post is adapted from her blog, Jersey Family Fun.

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