To Princess Dress or Not?


I heard from my mom today that one of her best friends found it shocking that friends of theirs made such a to-do over their daughter's dressing up.  She described how they spoiled her with princess gowns and toys and how she was shocked at how much of a fuss it was. That the little girl had Disney Princess costumes she wore in and out of the house, with tiaras to match. She was describing my daughter to a T.

My daughter's fashion sense is described by two words: pink and princess. If an outfit or item is not pink, it better have something princess on it. I can manage a blue outfit by calling it "Cinderella blue" or a yellow outfit by comparing it to "Belle's dress" but that is about as far as I can stretch it. She has always picked out her own clothes and loves to wear glitter, glitz and glam. While part of me secretly loves that she is such a diva, sometimes I have to wonder where to draw the line.

While part of me secretly loves that she is such a diva, sometimes I wonder where to draw the line.

This year, she was an angel in our church's Christmas pageant and the little girls were told to wear their fanciest outfit, ballet costume or princess dress. We were delighted. Long pondering gazes and questioning were done staring at her little closet where Rapunzel's, Cinderella's and Belle's costume dresses all hung. What to wear? Which one to choose? In the end, she was head over heels to be able to wear her dress, so the following Sunday she wore a different princess dress to Church. She looked glamorous and confident and I felt I was getting my "money's worth" since these fancy little dresses are not cheap.

As her mom, I feel these precious moments of childhood go too quickly and one (very, very sad) day she will grow older and no longer want to play princess. She will not be young enough to be able to call her sense of style "Princess chic." I love that she gets such enjoyment out of it and that it makes her so happy. On the other hand, it was hard to hear an outsiders viewpoint on how they viewed all this as excessive. Do you draw the line at wearing dress-up only in the home or allow your little princess to glam it up to her hearts delight? In this mom's opinion, everyone should wear a tiara every once in a while!  😉

Jeanine Ludwikowski is a fun-loving mom of two living in the Philly burbs. You can follow her on Twitter @MommyEntourage. This post is adopted from her blog Mommy Entourage.


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