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PA Cyber has nine regional offices statewide that serve as hubs for enriching activities.

At the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, we are proud to offer students in grades K-12 an alternative to traditional education. Families look beyond their local school district for a wide range of reasons, and sometimes it’s necessary to try a new school experience. After 22 years of perfecting online education and with a legacy of 20,000 graduates, PA Cyber has demonstrated that cyber school is not just a temporary solution but a long-term answer for many students.

As a public school, PA Cyber is open for enrollment to any school-age child residing in Pennsylvania and does not charge tuition to students or families. Students receive all the technology they need to get fully connected. We are a statewide school that is local to you with nine regional offices serving as hubs for enrollment, orientation, and year-round enrichment activities. With our Family Link field trips, two proms, and two graduation ceremonies, we offer a fulfilling school experience.

PA Cyber students receive individual attention and support from state-certified teachers, advisors, and staff. Students discover their strengths and interests by exploring diverse curriculum options, clubs, and workshops. They value the flexibility that comes with being a cyber student.

2021 PA Cyber alumna Chloe Perko said, “The biggest thing that I always talk about when people ask about online school is the flexibility.” She said

Perkochloe Family

Chloe Perko and her parents celebrate at PA Cyber’s 2021 graduation ceremony.

she was able to have experiences that she wouldn’t have had if she attended a brick-and-mortar school, such as traveling out of state to trade shows for her mother’s work. When her family moved to a new town, she didn’t have to change schools. Chloe will begin studying architecture at Marywood University this fall, where she has been awarded the Presidential Scholarship for all five years of her program.

Erin Butler

Erin Butler teaches science for PA Cyber and is the parent of two PA Cyber students.

PA Cyber families gather for field trips and enriching activities throughout the school year. “I enjoy going to in-person events because it allows me to meet families that are getting their children educated in the same way and sometimes for the same reasons,” said Erin Butler, a high school science teacher at PA Cyber and the parent of two PA Cyber students. “Meeting and talking with other parents is a real help in getting the most out of PA Cyber and in learning about other opportunities that the school has to offer (like the College in High School program or clubs). With all the in-person events, there is little trade-off between cyber school and traditional education.”

The school’s teachers and staff create customized learning paths that are unique to each student. We recognize the different developmental stages students typically follow while respecting the unique abilities of each child. This flexible-but-focused learning model allows our teachers to use a variety of teaching strategies and curriculum choices to create an education program that is deeply personal. PA Cyber also meets the curriculum requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and is accredited by the prestigious Middle States Association.

PA Cyber’s curriculum balances fine and performing arts with a wealth of other programs such as STEM courses. ArtReach classes give students the opportunity to express their creative side while connecting with peers in a supportive classroom setting. Last year, our Polytechnic Mobile lab debuted, delivering hands-on STEM experiences to more students.

PA Cyber’s legacy of nearly 20,000 graduates proves that a unique online education works for many. Over two decades, PA Cyber has grown and evolved—right along with its students—becoming one of the largest, most experienced, and most innovative online public schools in the nation. If, for whatever reason, it becomes necessary to try a different school, consider leveling up with PA Cyber.

Enrollment is open for the 2022–2023 school year. Start personalizing your child’s education today at

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