Teaching Little Ones To Recycle

Having a toddler is like having a talking, walking Moral Monitor. Whatever you do is reflected in them  Say a lot of curse words? You can be assured that your little one will drop an F bomb in preschool to let everyone know. Smoke cigarettes? Oh, they'll pick up a stick, or a straw, or a pencil and pretend to smoke, too. Children pick up on behaviors, good and bad, so it's so important to model good behavior.

I try to model great behavior for Ayva when it comes to recycling. She is not old enough to understand the effects of recycling on the environment, but she is old enough to start building a foundation of good behavior. Take a look at this new episode of The Conversation Thread on iVillage with Beth from Mommy on A Shoestring, Amanda from Parenting by Dummies, Sharon from Mom Of 6, Kelly from iVillage, and me, and post a comment about how how you teach your little one to recycle.

Brandi Jeter is a Philadelphia mom. This post was adapted from her blog, Mama Knows It All.

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