special education

Matheny Medical & Educational Center

Matheny is licensed as a special hospital and special education school for children and adults with medically complex developmental disabilities. Its outpatient center provides medical, dental and therapy services to people with all kinds of disabilities in communities throughout New…

One-Stop Pediatric Care

Physical and mental health impact one another and recently, there’s been a move to patient-centered pediatric care. For children experiencing anxiety, behavior problems or more significant mental disorders each year, timely access to a mental health professional can alleviate a serious issue.

Spectra Support Services, LLC

With a specialty in Autism Spectrum and related disorders, Spectra Support Services LLC provides holistic, strengths-based supports and interventions which improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families by filling service gaps across the lifespan. We offer social…

First Steps to an IEP

Special education advocate Lisa Lightner explains the steps to take to initiate the evaluation process that can lead to an IEP.

Benchmark School

Celebrating 49 years of helping bright students who have yet to reach their academic potential become confident and strategic thinkers, learners and problem solvers who meet with success in school and life. Points of Pride: Helping bright children ages 6-14…

Corchnoy Law Offices

Special education law, estate planning, special needs trusts. Jonathan S. Corchnoy is a PA & NJ litigator with 30 years experience who limits his practice to representing parents and children with disabilities in special education matters & personal injury claims…

Your Extended School Year Rights

Our federal and state special education laws recognize that your child’s disability does not take a vacation. As a result, a school district’s obligation to provide qualified students with a Free and Appropriate Public Education doesn’t end in June.