Elmwood Park Zoo Camp

Children will enjoy a fun and educational experience learning about and interacting with many of the zoo’s resident collection. Each weeklong camp includes crafts, stories, snacks, animal visitors, and in-depth tours of the zoo. Regular summer zoo events and shows…

Elmwood Park Zoo

The Zoo offers a wide range of educational programs that supplement traditional lesson plans with a focus on human/animal interaction and that emphasize wildlife conservation. On-site animal shows and Zoo-On-Wheels programs can be tailored to students, ages, interests and needs.

Elmwood Park Zoo

Features open-air bald eagle exhibit, exotic frogs, talking parrots, farm. Offer a wide range of educational programs that can be tailored to students’ ages, interests and needs. Options include programs designed to help teachers meet PA Academic Standards for environmental…

The Willow School

The Willow School is an independently owned, full-day Preschool Program for Early Learners ages 12 months to 6 years. We also provide Afterschool and Summer Programs for School Age Learners 6 years to 12 years of age.