Speak to Me Kids

Our goal is always achievement beyond expectations! Speak to Me Kids is a pediatric speech, language and feeding therapy provider. We believe in a flexible, accommodating environment, which enables our clients to achieve to the best of their ability. Call…

Early Childhood Environments

Early Childhood Environments Bi-lingual Art and Academic Enrichment Camp welcomes campers from all over the area, ages 3 – 11 to come and join in the fun. Our camp offers a unique blend of hands-on art and learning activities that…

The Hockessin Montessori School

The school program follows the Montessori Method and emphasizes mathematics, language, humanities, arts and sciences while stressing life skills. All levels participate in enrichment subjects including STEM, art, library, computers, Spanish, music and physical education, which are developmentally appropriate for…

Reading with newborns

Read aloud to your newborn. Not only is it a way to cuddle and bond, your baby gains language skills through hearing words says mom blogger Marissa Kiepert Truong, PhD.

Reading tip: Ask open-ended questions

When reading to a child, ask questions about the story to enhance language, expression, comprehension, critical thinking and memory skills says mom blogger Marissa Kiepert Truong, PhD.