Local Dyslexia Resources

Is your child exhibiting signs of dyslexia and you want to get them tested? Or maybe they were already diagnosed and you're looking for ways to get extra help? The…

Dyslexia: Signs and Support

Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability which results in difficulty with reading, spelling, writing and pronouncing words. Children with dyslexia can struggle to succeed academically, which makes it important for…

Benchmark School

Admits children who have been identified as having a learning difference, an auditory processing deficit, or a perceptual difficulty. Other students have been identified as having dyslexia, being reading disabled or learning disabled, or exhibiting ADD/ADHD.

The College School at the University of Delaware

For children in grades 1-8 with learning differences (i.e. auditory processing, written expression, dyslexia). Small class sizes; individualized, highly structured programs designed to help students return to traditional classrooms; strong academic curriculum; highly integrated technology; nurturing & supportive laboratory environment.

One-Stop Pediatric Care

Physical and mental health impact one another and recently, there’s been a move to patient-centered pediatric care. For children experiencing anxiety, behavior problems or more significant mental disorders each year, timely access to a mental health professional can alleviate a serious issue.