Centreville Layton School Summer Program

Centreville Layton School offers a summer program to reinforce academic skills and organizational strategies. Additionally, our afternoon program, offered to ages 3-13, provides a nurturing environment where children can focus on building social skills and having fun. Our program is…

Camp Arrowhead

Located on Rehoboth Bay, Arrowhead features an amazing de-centralized program with focus on community living and great fun! We feature canoeing, sailing, kayaking, archery, crafts, high ropes, climbing wall , crafts, environmental education and way more. Our food is the…

Pok-o-MacCready Camp

Since 1905 we have served thousands of campers and become their second home. Located on over 400 acres in the Adirondack state park, we offer a comprehensive summer experience for all campers ages 6-16 in both day and residential programs.

Camp Montessori at Wilmington Montessori School

We believe in the magic of childhood and the joy of learning and playing together. Core Camp (ages 1-14) is available every week that the camp is open, featuring STEAM activities, cooking, art, sports & games, teambuilding, cultural exploration and…

YMCA Camp Mason

For more than a century, campers have found a home at YMCA Camp Mason. A community where they make friends, are accepted for who they are, build confidence and character values, learn independence and have lots of fun! All this…

Ribbon Wands

Here's a fun craft for kids — and yet another use for toilet paper tubes!!  My daughter absolutely loves these ribbon wands! Simply punch several holes toward the top of one end of the tube, tie as many ribbons as…

The Calm

Blogger Jeanne McCullough posts from her hospital bed after the birth of her second child, Ryan David.

Field Trips with Daddy

This Father's Day or Memorial Day weekend, why not go on a family outing that's all about Dad? The zoo, golf, a tandem bike, picnic, museum or ballgame are options.

Day Care Ailments Have a Benefit

Toddlers who attend large group day cares before age 2½ tend to have more respiratory and ear infections at that age, but fewer such illnesses during elementary school, according to a new study.