EBS Children's Therapy

Our Mission: We believe everyone has a super power. We don’t see disabilities. We only see abilities. We are a collection of professionals compassionate about making a difference in the lives we touch. We empower children and families to grow…

One-Stop Pediatric Care

Physical and mental health impact one another and recently, there’s been a move to patient-centered pediatric care. For children experiencing anxiety, behavior problems or more significant mental disorders each year, timely access to a mental health professional can alleviate a serious issue.

A mom's iPhone rules

Mom gave her child this set of rules spelling out acceptable smartphone etiquette, behavior, use, limits and responsibilities.

Teaching Little Ones To Recycle

Mom blogger Brandi Jeter says modeling good practices is the best way to build a recycling foundation for toddlers. See her participate in an iVillage video on this topic.

Pushy Toddlers

Ask Momma takes a humorous look at the tendency of little ones to "shove, chop and mow their way through."