Show, Don't Tell: Win $2,500 Worth of Books for Your School

The ADVIS event and MetroKids' 2013 School Photo Contest.

Old school to progressive, modern tech to the classical canon. Independent schools throughout the Delaware Valley run the gamut. Just as there's a lid for every pot, there's an area private school for every type of learner and student interest. 

Last week, MetroKids was proud to be the presenting sponsor of the professional development events at a fascinating conference mounted by ADVIS (the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools). Educational expert Janice Crampton, who has worked at a variety of school types all across the country, led the keynote discussion about ways schools can utilize their unique "personalities" to ensure student fit (not coincidentally the concern at the top of all parental must lists when picking a private school).

We were heartened to see how serious so many schools are about their outreach efforts. Trust us when we say the directors in attendance are as eager to project their personalities to parents as yiou are to place your kids in just the right atmosphere.

The conference also came just as we're putting the finishing touches on our October issue, which features an extensive education package filled with all the stuff parents want to know:

  • Our 24th-annual Independent School Survey. In it, you'll find facts, figures and school-provided profiles about 150 of the best private institutions in Pennsylvania, South Jersey and Delaware. This info is also available 24/7 in our searchable online database.
  • A major theme of the ADVIS presentation was "Show, don't tell." We're already on it, with our 2013 Book Bonanza School Photo Contest. Submit a photo that illustrates your school spirit, get your school community to vote for that pic and you just might win the grand prize: $2,500 worth of books for your school library. Click here to submit a photo entry.
  • "Show, don't tell" is an equally important mantra for the schools themselves. How can you tell if your kids would be happy at a given school unless you spend time there, speaking to the faculty and soaking in the atmosphere? To help you do just that, look for our Open House Calendar, in print in October and already live right here.

MetroKids is pleased to be be such a vital link between our readers and the vibrant independent school community in the Delaware Valley. We're excited about our upcoming education coverage and our photo contest, and we send special thanks to ADVIS for allowing us to be part of their important event.

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