Should Halloween Always Be on a Saturday?

An online petition suggests creating National Trick or Treat Day on the last Saturday of October.

An online petition that started out as a call to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October has morphed into a plan to create a second day for trick-or-treating on that day instead. 

The Halloween and Costume Association (We bet they have a cool office dress code.) started the petition last year, arguing that forcing kids and their parents to rush home from school or work, gobble down dinner and scurry out to Trick-or-Treat, is not only stressful and a hassle, but dangerous. It says there are 3,800 Halloween-related injuries every year.

"It's time for a safer, longer, stress-free celebration," it argues. "Let's move Halloween to the last Saturday of October."

But a few months ago the costume association pivoted.

“We’ve listened to all of your feedback since the petition started in 2018,” it said. “Instead of changing the date that American’s celebrate Halloween, we will be adding an additional day of festivities.

“National Trick or Treat Day will take place annually on the last Saturday of October so families across the country can participate in community parades, throw neighborhood parties and opt for daytime Trick or Treating.”

So what do you think about having a second Halloween? For some families it could replace the traditional Halloween and eliminate the scramble of a work/school/dinner/costume dash. And as the HCA notes, adults like to celebrate Halloween too, which is easier on a weekend.

"51 percent of millennials say Halloween is their favorite holiday," HCA says. "Why cram it into two rushed, evening, weekday hours when it deserves a full day," 

We have to give HCA credit for being upfront about its motivation. At least they didn't disguise themselves as a grassroots "Citizens Afraid of Scary Wednesday Trick-or-Treating." But for those of us who don't make money off of costumes and candy, does a second Halloween sound like a good idea?

Our sentimental side says no. We cherish the memories of running home to get ready and try to be one of the first to hit the streets for our pick of the best candy. But our parental side knows how much less stressful if we had a full Saturday to prepare every year. 


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