Pregnant? Here are some trends helping other expectant moms in the Philadelphia area to pass the time from first trimester through delivery.

Baby concierges

Need someone to design a nursery, babyproof the house, find a doula, background-check a nanny, hire a lactation consultant or a sleep training specialist? Baby concierge services like My Fabulous Mama and Baby Steps Philly are popping up throughout the region to cater to every individual need of time-crunched moms-to-be.

Experiential registries

Instead of diapers, teeny togs and toys, expectant parents are requesting self-pampering “experiential” gift certificates for treats like pre-baby couples massages and date nights.

Grandma showers

If granny’s going to be watching the baby, she’ll need an update on the older models of tiny-tyke gear she’s got cluttering up the basement. Grandma showers gift gram in festive style with duplicates of the high chairs, tummy-time mats and car seats her daughter or daughter-in-law registered for.

3D/4D fetal ultrasounds

Dimensional fetal ultrasounds that use cutting-edge technology to hone in on the minute details of baby’s features let mom and dad start debating whom Jr. takes after prenatally. These elective ultrasounds are increasingly available in the Delaware Valley and often performed in spa-like environments equipped with big-screen, high-def TVs.


YouTube serves up several pages of hot almost-mamas booty-shaking like a pop princess. Apparently, the rigorous thrusts and squats alleviate back and pelvic aches, increase energy, help the body prepare for childbirth and hasten postpartum recovery.

Live-tweeting labor

Why wait until after baby’s born to share the gory (we mean glorious) details of the birth? Women are now turning to Twitter to deliver news of the delivery in real time, from first contraction on.

Baby name trends

According to, baby name trends for 2014 are inspired by royal handles (Arthur, Louis), spices (Saffron, Rosemary), virtues (Justice, Loyal), ancient Greeks (Calliope, Persephone) and Pope Francis (Frank, Francesca).

Placenta souvenirs

If you’re inclined to save your placenta, Philadelphia Placenta Pills will encapsulate bits of it in ingestible pills touted to have postpartum health benefits. The company  also creates personalized placenta prints, pressing the delivered organ and umbilical cord against watercolor paper to produce one-of-a-kind tree-like art pieces.  —Cheyenne Shaffer


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