Philly's Kid-Friendliest Restaurants

Two Philadelphia favorites make Urbanspoon's list of most popular family-friendly restaurants.

Urbanspoon's new list of the country's most popular family-friendly restaurants included two Philly faves:

Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat has a dedicated "For the Kids" menu that's filled with young-palate pleasers, from French toast sticks and grilled cheese to tilapia filet and honey-fried chicken fingers and fries. Everything on the kids' menu is half-price Monday through Thursday from 4pm to 7pm. Honey's, as any good Philly foodie knows, serves Jewish/Southern soul food made from locally grown ingredients to packed dining rooms in two locations, the established Northern Liberties site (800 North 4th St.) and a newer spot at South Street and 21st. The BYOB advertises the abundance of high chairs available and is open 365 days a year.

The second listed resto, The Metropolitan American Diner & Bar (750 Upper State Rd., North Wales), boasts a $5 kids' menu for its smallest patrons. Options include mini cheeseburgers, grilled PB and banana, cheese quesadillas, spaghetti, turkey on whole grain and other kid-approved meals, all accompanied by a side, a drink and a dessert. There's gluten-free fare for those who need or want to stay wheat-free, and the upscale bar/bistro atmosphere belies the kid-friendliness.

This is all a nice antidote to news out of Alexandria, Virginia, where the Sushi Bar has reportedly banned kids under the age of 18. The owner, a dad of three himself, claimed that parents need "a break. Not so much from their kids but adjoining kids." As a mom of kids who love all kinds of dining experiences (they particularly adore sushi), this breaks my heart a little.

Do you research the family-friendliness of a restaurant before you go out to eat with the kids? Have you been to Honey's or the Metropolitan? If so, do you agree with Urbanspoon's imprimatur? Let us know where you dine out most below.

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