Philadelphia Deadline to Sign Up to Repeat Grade Extended

Parents have more time to review and submit paperwork
Photo By National Cancer Institute On Unsplash

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

If you live in Philadelphia and think that your child fell behind this year due to virtual schooling, you still have the chance to sign them up to repeat a grade. The School District of Philadelphia recently extended its deadline to complete the necessary paperwork, which was previously July 15, according to Chalkbeat Philadelphia. The extension, which only applies to Philadelphia, will allow families more time to review and return the paperwork. The new deadline will be announced soon.

Gov. Tom Wolf signed a new law on June 30, Act 66, that allows Pennsylvania students who were enrolled in K-12 grades in the 2020-2021 school year to repeat their most recent grade, regardless of their academic standing. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website, the law strives to “make up for any lost educational opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, even if the student met the requirements to be promoted to the next grade level.”

The law also allows 21-year-old students with disabilities to repeat a grade. Previously, students with disabilities would age out of the public school system when they turn 21.

It’s up to parents whether they want their child to repeat a grade. If so, families must fill out a form from the PDE.

According to the PDE: “Act 66 applies to students enrolled in any of the following school entities in Pennsylvania during the 2020-21 school year: a school district, intermediate unit, career and technical education center, charter school, cyber charter school, regional charter school, nonpublic school, approved private schools, and chartered schools for the deaf and blind.”

More information on Act 66 and answers to common questions can be found on the PDE’s website.

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