PA Charter School List



Ad Prima Charter School

5901 Woodbine Ave., Phila. 19131; 215-879-1800

Grades K-8; 541 students; 15:1 student/teacher ratio

Literacy-filled curriculum at a US Dept. of Education Blue Ribbon School that emphasizes peaceful conflict resolution.

Application deadline: April 2017

 Alliance for Progress Charter School

1821 Cecil B. Moore Ave., Phila. 19121; 215-232-4892

Grades K-8; 457 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio

Community-based school focuses on academics and physical education within a technologically rich environment.

Application deadline: Mar. 17 

Antonia Pantoja Charter School

4101 N. American St., Phila. 19140; 215-329-2733

Grades K-8; 729 students; 13:1 student/teacher ratio

Bilingual school (Spanish/English) in technology-rich learning environment; 700+ students on waiting list.

Application deadline: Feb. or anytime online

Belmont Academy Charter School

907 N. 41st St., Phila. 19104; 215-222-0650

Grades K-8; 601 students; 21:1 student/teacher ratio

“Family-style” learning in historic building provides high-need students with quality educational opportunities.

Application period: Opens in April

Birney Preparatory Academy

900 Lindley Ave., Phila. 19141; 215-456-3000

Grades K-8; 720 students; 14:1 student/teacher ratio

Extended-hour school day at Renaissance program operated along rigorous Mosaica Education curriculum.

Call for application deadline.               

Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School

5501 Cedar Ave., Phila. 19143; 215-387-5149

Grades 6-12; 664 students; 15:1 student/teacher ratio

College-preparatory boys’ high school based on classical curriculum is no. 3 in the city for college matriculation rates.

Application deadline: Nov. 4

Charter High School for Architecture and Design

105 S. 7th St., Phila. 19106; 215-351-2900

Grades 9-12; 585 students; 19:1 student/teacher ratio

Nation’s first charter to provide college-prep training that focuses on the fields of architecture and design.

Call for application deadline.        

Christopher Columbus Charter School

1242 S. 13th St., Phila. 19147; 215-389-6000

Grades K-8; 816 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio

Academics based on fostering emotional growth, intellectual maturity and social consciousness in two South Philly buildings, for Grades K-5 and 6-8.

Application deadline: Kindergarten, Jan. 31; Grades 1-8, May 31           

Community Academy Charter School of Philadelphia

1100 E. Erie Ave., Phila. 19124; 215-533-6700

Grades K-12; 1,207 students; 17:1 student/teacher ratio

36th year providing quality education in two divisions (Elementary and Upper) while responding to non-academic issues that can affect students.

Application deadline: Before lottery on Feb. 7                           

Delaware Valley Charter High School

5201 Old York Rd., Phila. 19141; 215-455-2550

Grades 9-12; 680 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio

Develops academics as well as skills crucial to student success in college, such as critical thinking and social development.

Call for application deadline.

Discovery Charter School

4700 Parkside Ave., Phila. 19131; 215-879-8182

Grades K-8; 781 students; 22:1 student/teacher ratio

Fairmount Park school aims to connect the classroom to the real world through dance, drama, art, music, multimedia and culinary arts.

Application deadline: Mar. 31

Eastern University Academy Charter School

3300 Henry Ave., Phila. 19129; 215-769-3111

Grades 7-12; 344 students; 18:1 student/teacher ratio

Early college program lets students earn college credit prior to graduation and pursue interests through internships and service projects.

Application deadline: Jan. 31                                                       

Esperanza Academy Charter High School

301 W. Hunting Park Ave., Phila. 19140; 215-457-3667

Grades 6-12; 928 students; 15:1 student/teacher ratio

Emphasis on English, Spanish and technology; cyber charter school component; 2013 US News & World Report Best High School silver medalist.

Application deadline: Nov. 23                                                  

Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School

6301 N. 2nd St., Phila. 19120; 215-324-7012

Grades K-8; 462 students; 13:1 student/teacher ratio

PA’s first bilingual charter school (Spanish/English) provides STEM initiatives in a technology-rich learning environment.

Application period: Feb. 1-28

First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School

4300 Tacony St., Phila. 19124; 215-743-3100

Grades K-12; 1,360 students; 19:1 student/teacher ratio

Arts-enriched curriculum with the primary goal of ensuring that all students read at or above grade level after two years of attendance.

Application period: Jan.

Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School

1023 Callowhill St., Phila. 19123; 215-569-2600

Grades K-8; 482 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio

Community-oriented curriculum with emphasis on cultural folk arts and languages ranked no. 1 in Philly K-8 schools in 2013-2014.

Application deadline: Feb. 10      

Franklin Towne Charter

Elementary School – 4259 Richmond St., Phila. 19137; 215-289-3389

High School – 5301 Tacony St., Phila. 19137; 215-289-5000

Grades K-12; 914 elementary/1,190 high school; 18:1 student/teacher ratio

Family-like atmosphere at both elementary/middle and high schools prepares students for academic success.

Application deadline: Nov. 30 

Frederick Douglass Charter School

2118 W. Norris St., Phila. 19121; 215-684-5063

Grades K-8; 757 students; 11:1 student/teacher ratio

Became a Mastery school in July 2015.

Application deadline: Mar, 1

Freire Charter School

Middle School – 1026 Market St., Phila. 19107; 267-670-7499

High School – 2027 Chestnut St., Phila. 19103; 215-557-8555

Grades 5-12; 947 students; 21:1 student/teacher ratio

Two Center City campuses (middle & high school) focus on liberal arts college prep in an environment that emphasizes teamwork and nonviolent conflict resolution.

Application deadline: Jan. 31

Global Leadership Academy Charter School

4601 W. Girard Ave., Phila. 19131; 215-295-5700

Grades K-8; 721 students; 22:1 student/teacher ratio

West Philly school with global worldview splits “scholars” by grade into three smaller learning communities: Rising Stars (K-2), Legendary Leaders (3-6) and Collegiate (7-8).

Application deadline: Open; lottery in Mar.

Green Woods Charter School

468 Domino Lane, Phila. 19128; 215-482-6337

Grades K-8; 628 students; 15:1 student/teacher ratio

Competitive school (1,100+ applicants annually) teaches an eco-conscious EIC curriculum (Using the Environment as an Integrating Context for Learning).

Application deadline: Jan. 15              

Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School

638 N. 66th St., Phila. 19151; 215-472-8770

Grades K-8; 532 students; 19:1 student/teacher ratio*

One of city’s first charter schools and PA’s first Afrikan-centered focuses on STEM academics and instills self-reliance.

Application deadline: Mar. 2017         

Imhotep Institute Charter High School

6201 N. 21st St., Phila. 19138; 215-438-4140

Grades 9-12; 624 students; 21:1 student/teacher ratio

STEM focus and rigorous academics within an educational program based on the Afrikan principles of Ma’at and Nguzo Saba.

Application deadline: Dec. 15 

Independence Charter School

1600 Lombard St., Phila. 19146; 215-238-8000

Grades K-8; 809 students; 14:1 student/teacher ratio

Community-minded Center City school recognized for its global studies program focused on world cultures and second-language acquisition.

Application deadline: Jan. 2017

Inquiry Charter School

1301 Belmont Ave., Phila. 19104; 215-823-5541

Grades K-3; 168 students

Teaching methods that encourage creativity, support problem solving and produce life-long learners.

Application deadline: N/A

John B. Stetson Charter School

3200 B St., Phila. 19134; 215-291-4720

Grades 5-8; 809 students; 12:1 student/teacher ratio

Renaissance school in its fourth year transitioning from public to charter increased reading and math proficiency and decreased suspensions.

Application period: Opens in Aug.                                      

Keystone Academy Charter School

6660 Keystone St., Phila. 19135; 215-332-2111

Grades K-8; 495 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio

STEM-concentrated curriculum at school that involves educators in students’ lives to create community.

Application deadline: Feb. 28 

Khepera Charter School

Lower School – 6610 Anderson St., Phila. 19119

Upper School – 926 W. Sedgley Dr., Phila. 19132; 215-843-1700

Grades K-8; 446 students; 17:1 student/teacher ratio

Focuses on language arts, numeracy and STEM by utilizing traditional Afrikan educational and value systems. Separate Lower School (K-5) and Upper School (6-8).

Call for application deadline.

KIPP Philadelphia Schools

Elementary Academy – 2409 W. Westmoreland St., Phila. 19129; 267-687-7283

Charter School – 2709 N. Broad St., Phila. 19132; 215-227-1728

West Philadelphia Preparatory – 5900 Baltimore Ave., Phila. 19143; 215-294-2973

DuBois Collegiate Academy – 5070 Parkside Ave., Phila. 19131; 215-307-3465

Grades K-12; 1,625 students; 15:1 student/teacher ratio

Academics based on Five Pillars: high expectations, choice & commitment, more time, power to lead and focus on results. Separate elementary, middle and high schools.

Application period: Jan. 1-Mar. 31 

Laboratory Charter School of Communication and Languages, The

5339 Lebanon Ave., Phila. 19131; 215-877-9881

5901 Woodbine Ave., Phila. 19131; 215-452-5580

800 N. Orianna Ave., Phila. 19123; 215-574-1680

Grades K-8; 513 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio*

Promotes French and Spanish bilingualism through academics that teach students to view the world from global, international and national perspectives. Three campuses.

Call for application deadline.                  

Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School

1840 Torresdale Ave., Phila. 19124; 215-291-4436

Grades K-12; 1,200 students; 17:1 student/teacher ratio

Equal focus on math, science, social studies and English language arts teaches students to be independent, adaptive problem solvers and effective communicators.

Application deadline: Mar. 3         

Maritime Academy Charter School

2275 Bridge St., Phila. 19137; 215-535-4555

Grades 2-12; 780 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio

High-tech academic program focuses on maritime studies and nautical science in addition to core curriculum subjects.

Application deadline: Feb. 17       

Mastery Charter Schools

Citywide – Main Office: 5700 Wayne Ave., Phila. 19144; 215-866-9000

Grades K-12; 13,500 students; 19:1 student/teacher ratio

Eight Renaissance campuses instill values-based curriculum focused on success in higher education and the workforce.

Application deadline: Mar. 1          

Mathematics, Sciences & Tech Community Charter School

1800 Byberry Rd., Phila. 19116; 267-348-1100

Grades K-12; 1,320 students; 14:1 student/teacher ratio

Award-winning STEM program runs on the belief that technology-based learning is key to success in both academics and the 21st-century job market.

Application deadline: Jan. 31                     

Mathematics Civics and Sciences Charter School

 447 N. Broad St., Phila. 19123; 215-923-4880

Grades 1-12; 968 students; 20:1 student/teacher ratio*

100% graduation rate and a zero dropout rate for the 12 years since MCS’ first graduating class in 2003.

Application period: Opens in June              

Memphis Street Academy Charter School

2950 Memphis St., Phila. 19134; 215-291-4709

Grades 5-8; 867 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio

Port Richmond–based Renaissance school builds confident readers to increase the student pool applying to Philadelphia’s competitive magnet high schools.

Application period: Opens in Feb.

Multicultural Academy Charter School

3821 N. Broad St., Phila. 19140; 215-227-0513

Grades 9-12; 249 students; 15:1 student/teacher ratio

Standards-driven academics bolstered by focus on multiculturalism, technology and the arts in an extended school day.

Application deadline: Jan. 9          

New Foundations Charter School

8001 Torresdale Ave., Phila. 19136; 215-624-8100

Grades K-12; 1,247 students; 18:1 student/teacher ratio

Two campuses (elementary/middle and high school) offer challenging curriculum that extends from the classroom into the community.

Application deadline: Feb. 3

Northwood Academy Charter School

4621 Castor Ave., Phila. 19124; 215-289-5606

Grades K-8; 788 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio

Emphasizes comprehensive literacy and mathematical instruction; single-gender classrooms starting in 7th grade.

Application deadline: Feb. 17   

Olney Charter High School

100 W. Duncannon Ave., Phila. 19120; 215-456-3014

Grades 9-12; 1,735 students; 13:1 student/teacher ratio

Renaissance School merged two public schools, with improved academic outcomes and grants for new technology and nutrition program.

Year-round enrollment.

Pan American Academy Charter School

2830 N. American St., Phila. 19133; 215-425-1212

Grades K-8; 730 students; 17:1 student/teacher ratio

Rigorous instruction instills bilingualism and cultural awareness; authorized as an International Baccalaureate School for the Primary Years Programme.

Application deadline: Feb. 26                                  

People for People Charter School

800 N. Broad St., Phila. 19130; 215-763-7060

Grades K-8; 540 students; 13:1 student/teacher ratio

Challenging academics with focus on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, including economic, community and career education.

Call for application deadline.      

Philadelphia Academy

Grade School – 11000 Roosevelt Blvd., Phila. 19116; 215-676-8320

High School – 1700 Tomlinson Rd., Phila. 19116; 215-673-3390

Grades K-12; 1,159 students; 14:1 student/teacher ratio

Rigorous instruction and state-of-the-art educational tools; cited for excellence by PA Dept. of Education for service to students with special needs.

Application deadline: Jan. 1 

Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and Sciences, The 

1197 Haworth St., Phila. 19124; 215-537-2520

Grades K-8; 987 students; 15:1 student/teacher ratio

Offers a comprehensive educational program that uses the arts as a model for education and to prepare students for success.

Application deadline: Open

Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High School

1420 Chestnut St., Phila. 19102; 267-514-1824

Grades 9-12; 575 students; 17:1 student/teacher ratio

Educates students for 21st-century jobs; dual enrollment program with the Community College of Philadelphia; award-winning co-op program.

Application deadline: Jan. 31

Philadelphia Montessori Charter School

2227 Island Ave., Phila. 19142; 215-365-4011

Grades PreK-6; 179 students; 13:1 student/teacher ratio

Philly’s only public Montessori school.

Application deadline: Jan. 17 

Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School

2600 S. Broad St., Phila. 19145; 215-551-4000

Grades K-12; 1,417 students; 19:1 student/teacher ratio

Makes the arts the catalyst for learning; two campuses, including one with a dedicated ballet studio, vocal and instrumental music classrooms and an indoor pool.

Application deadline: Jan. 27          

Preparatory Charter School of Math, Science, Technology & Careers, The

1928 Point Breeze Ave., Phila. 19145; 215-334-6144

Grades 9-12; 626 students*; 17:1 student/teacher ratio*

College prep curriculum includes ACT prep courses, free tutoring programs and early college enrollment; first charter school to participate in PIAA sports.

Call for application deadline.        

Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School

 2601 S. 58th St., Phila. 19143; 215-878-1544

Grades 5-8; 491 students; 20:1 student/teacher ratio

Rigorous instruction backed by four Keystone Awards and recognition for Reading Olympics, environmental studies program and team sports.

Application period: Jan.-Mar.

Russell Byers Charter School

1911 Arch St., Phila. 19103; 215-972-1700

Grades PreK-7; 494 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio

Expeditionary learning curriculum based on Outward Bound principals; one of few local schools to offer full-day Kindergarten for 4-year-olds.

Application period: Jan.-Feb.

Sankofa Freedom Academy

2501 Kensington Ave., Phila. 19125; 215-288-2001

Grades K-12; 649 students; 18:1 student/teacher ratio

College prep “freedom” school based on Afrikan-centered “each one/teach one” intergenerational learning communities.

Application deadline: Jan. 2017 

String Theory Charter School for the Arts & Sciences

East Campus – 2407 S. Broad St., Phila. 19145; 215-278-2460

Edmunds Campus – 1197 Haworth St., Phila. 19124; 215-537-2520

Vine Street Campus – 1600 Vine St., Phila. 19102; 267-428-2224

West Campus – 2600 S. Broad St., Phila. 19148; 215-551-4000

Grades K-8; 982 students*; 17:1 student/teacher ratio*

Renaissance School merges core academics with technology and the performing arts, including vocal and instrumental music, ballet, visual arts and creative writing.

Application deadline: Jan. 27

Southwest Leadership Academy

7101 Paschall Ave., Phila. 19142; 215-729-1939

Grades K-8; 455 students; 20:1 student/teacher ratio

“Scholars” develop leadership through Southwest Philly community-rejuvenation projects and rigorous academics.

Call for application deadline.   

Tacony Academy Charter School

1330 Rhawn St., Phila. 19111; 215-742-5100

Grades K-12; 1,074 students; 19:1 student/teacher ratio

Hones problem-solving and creative and critical thinking through the teaching of the art of invention and applied science.

Application deadline: Feb. 2017

TECH Freire Charter School

2221 North Broad St., Phila. 19132; 267-507-1111

Grades 9-11; 580 students (projected)

Offers real and rigorous academics so students can be ready to pursue their futures to the fullest potential.

Application deadline: Jan. 27

Universal Alcorn Charter School

3200 Dickenson St., Phila. 19146; 215-952-6219

Grades K-8; 521 students; 46:1 student/teacher ratio

Renaissance School with holistic learning approach that focuses on academics, self-sufficiency, community and civic responsibility.

Call for application deadline.

Universal Audenried Charter High School

32nd Morris St., Phila. 19145; 215-952-4801

Grades 9-12; 649 students; 22:1 student/teacher ratio

Extended school days and Saturday enrichment classes; students in career and technical academies can earn up to nine credits at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Call for application deadline.

Universal Bluford Charter School

5720 Media St., Phila. 19131; 215-581-5502

Grades K-6; 457 students; 26:1 student/teacher ratio

Community-enriched educational institution serving W. Philly students; academics enhanced by culturally based principles of Nguzo Saba.

Call for application deadline.

Universal Creighton Charter School

5401 Tabor Ave., Phila. 19120; 215-537-2531

Grades K-8; 750 students; 18:1 student/teacher ratio

Community-enriched academics teach students to work cooperatively within a diverse school culture.

Call for application deadline.

Universal Daroff Charter School

5630 Vine St., Phila. 19139; 215-471-2905

Grades K-8; 703 students; 18:1 student/teacher ratio

Science and digital learning campus emphasizes academics, self-sufficiency and civic responsibility.

Call for application deadline.

Universal Institute Charter School

1415 Catherine St., Phila. 19146; 215-732-2876

Grades K-8; 681 students; 21:1 student/teacher ratio

School-to-career academic program that utilizes community resources through partnerships with families, businesses, civic groups and social agencies.

Call for application deadline.

Universal Vare Charter School

2100 S. 24th St., Phila. 19145; 215-952-8611

Grades K-8; 376 students; 16:1 student/teacher ratio

STEM- and arts-focused academy offers only career and technical-education middle school program in South Philly.

Call for application deadline.

West Oak Lane Charter School

7115 Stenton Ave., Phila. 19138; 215-927-7995

Grades K-8; 1,044 students; 21:1 student/teacher ratio

Innovative, structured curriculum in science, tech and the humanities; recent medals for Reading Olympics and Penn Relay races.

Application deadline: April 3    

West Philadelphia Achievement Charter Elementary School

 6701 Callowhill St., Phila. 19151; 215-476-6471

Grades K-5; 652 students; 21:1 student/teacher ratio

Arts and technology-infused critical-thinking curriculum based on the  belief that all children can learn; partnership with paraprofessionals at Temple University.

Application period: Opens in Feb.      

Wissahickon Charter School

4700 Wissahickon Ave., Phila. 19144; 267-338-1020

815 E Washington Ln., Phila. 19138; 267-774-4370

Grades K-8; 468 students (per campus); 16:1 student/teacher ratio

Service-learning projects, an environmental focus and a strong emphasis on family involvement infuse academics.

Call for application deadline.        

World Communications Charter School

512 S. Broad St., Phila. 19146; 215-735-3198

Grades 6-12; 559 students; 17:1 student/teacher ratio

College-prep academics, a Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship program and educational connections via the Center City cultural and business communities.

Call for application deadline.                  

Young Scholars Charter School

900 N. Marshall St., Phila. 19123; 215-232-9727

Grades 6-8; 250 students; 13:1 student/teacher ratio

Extended day and school-year program gives students 33 percent more time in class; focused, progressive academics.

Application deadline: Mar. 7      

YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School

1231 N. Broad St., Phila. 19122; 215-627-8671

Grade 12 only; 258 students; 36:1 student/teacher ratio

Accelerated diploma program for out-of-school youth; all enrolled students are part-time AmeriCorps members and perform at least 450 hours of community service.

Application period: Jan.-Aug.


Avon Grove Charter School

110 West State Rd., West Grove, PA 19390; 484-667-5000

Grades K-12; 1,618 students; 15:1 student/teacher ratio

Constructivist approach in highly intensive cooperative learning environment that fosters acceptance of differences.

Call for application deadline.

Bucks County Montessori Charter School

219 Tyburn Rd., Fairless Hills, PA 19030; 215-428-6700

Grades K-6; 200 students; 11:1 student/teacher ratio

Highly rated Montessori-based school for students in Pennsbury as well as Bristol, Bensalem, Centennial, Council Rock, Morrisville and Neshaminy.

Application deadline: Feb. 28

Center for Performing and Fine Arts

211 Carter Dr., West Chester, PA 19382; 610-430-6525

Grades 6-12; 200 students*; 8:1 student/teacher ratio*

Audition-based program in music, dance, art and theater for students enrolled in the virtual PA Leadership Charter School.

Application deadline: Mar. 29    

Center for Student Learning Charter School at Pennsbury

345 Lakeside Dr., Levittown, PA 19054; 215-269-7390

Grades 6-12; 141 students; 8:1 student/teacher ratio

Alternative learning environment centered on meeting students at their own academic level; school of choice open to any PA resident.

Application deadline: Open

Chester Charter School for the Arts, The

200 Commerce Dr., Aston, PA 19014; 610-859-3010

Grades K-10; 372 students; 12:1 student/teacher ratio

Arts-integrated curriculum that merges dance, music, theater and the visual arts with core subjects.

Application deadline: Jan. 27

Chester Co. Family Academy Charter School

530 E. Union St., West Chester, PA 19382; 610-696-5910

Grades K-2; 71 students*; 13:1 student/teacher ratio

Science-based and experiential learning delivered through the arts; yearly integrated theme connected to everyday life.

Application deadline: Mar. 15

Chester Community Charter School

214 E. 5th St., Chester, PA 19013; 610-447-0400

Grades K-8; 3,126 students; 15:1 student/teacher ratio

Student-centered learning via results-driven academics on three campuses; focus on building life skills and partnering with parents.

Call for application deadline.

Collegium Charter School

535 James Hance Court., Exton, PA 19341; 610-903-1300

Grades K-12; 2,216 students; 13:1 student/teacher ratio

Founded by West Chester residents to offer strong academics; phonics, classical and multicultural literature; personalized plans for each student.

Application deadline: Jan. 11

Renaissance Academy Charter School

40 Pine Crest St., Phoenixville, PA 19460; 610-983-4080

Grades K-12; 1,060 students; 10:1 student/teacher ratio

PA’s highest-ranked K-12 charter school provides college-prep liberal arts education to students from 20 surrounding school districts.

Application deadline: Dec. 16       

School Lane Charter School

2400 Bristol Pke., Bensalem, PA 19020; 215-245-6055

Grades K-12; 882 students; 14:1 student/teacher ratio

School as sanctuary — safe, physically protected and emotionally literate learning environment; Bucks Co.’s first International Baccalaureate World School.

Application period: Jan. 28-Mar. 1, Bensalem residents; Feb. 11-Mar, 1, nonresidents                         

Souderton Charter School Collaborative

110 E. Broad St., Souderton, PA 18964; 215-721-4071

Grades K-8; 204 students; 11:1 student/teacher ratio

Multi-age groupings within individualized, experiential program that focuses on the local environment, community and nature; National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

Application period: Jan.-Feb.         

Vision Academy Charter School

41 E. Baltimore Ave., Lansdowne, PA 19050; 484-466-2124

Grades K-8

Gives every child access to a rich, well-rounded, and rigorous curriculum and uses technology to foster independence in learning.

Application deadline: Mar. 31

Widener Partnership Charter School

1450 Edgmont Ave., Chester, PA 19013; 610-872-1358

Grades K-7; 411 students; 14:1 student/teacher ratio

Instills students with behaviors, task commitment and creativity to succeed in the current educational climate.

Application period: Opens in Feb.


21st-Century Cyber Charter School  

877-WEB-CYBER (932-39237)

Grades 6-12; 846 students; 21:1 student/teacher ratio

Highest ranked PA cyber school with individualized learning, 24/7 course access and a 56 hour-per-week window to work with teachers.

Application deadline: Mar. 13

Achievement House Cyber Charter School


Grades 7-12; 500 students; 15:1 student/teacher ratio

Virtual classroom with local resource center in Exton; custom-designed web platform for live classes and interactive coursework.

Application period: Opens in Feb.                                            

ACT Academy Cyber Charter School


Grades 9-12; 157 students; 37:1 student/teacher ratio

College prep high school with career focus via project-based learning; two free student retreats per year.

Call for application deadline.  

Agora Cyber Charter School


Grades K-12; 9,490 students; 25:1 student/teacher ratio

Blend of live and offline instruction by family coach, learning coach and teaching team provides students with personalized, collaborative learning experience.

Application period: Opens Mar. 21                 

Aspira Bilingual Cyber Charter School


Grades K-12; 150 students; 17:1 student/teacher ratio

PA’s first bilingual cyber charter school (Spanish/English), going into its third school year, has several AP course options.

Call for application deadline. 

Central PA Digital Learning Foundation Charter School


Grades K-12; 147 students; 14:1 student/teacher ratio

Parents are active partners in the development of instructional plan; technology promotes in-depth research and collaboration.

Call for application deadline.         

Commonwealth Connections Academy Charter School


Grades K-12; 8,037 students; 25:1 student/teacher ratio

Provides after-hours program with real-time teacher support, dozens of in-person clubs and hundreds of field trips.

Application period: Opens in June                                              

Esperanza Cyber Charter School


Grades K-12; 152 students; 41:1 student/teacher ratio

Cyber school adjunct of Philly charter school offers a custom online learning program to students in English and Spanish.

Application period: Open   

Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School


Grades K-12; 10,389 students; 46:1 student/teacher ratio

The arts, STEM and gifted programs are offered within student-centered instructional model; award-winning family support department.

Application period: Open                                                          

Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School


Grades K-12; 509 students; 20:1 student/teacher ratio

Live learning sessions with peers emphasize teacher­-student relationship, augmented by novels, workbooks and offline projects.

Application period: Open         

Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School   


Grades K-12; 2,428 students; 17:1 student/teacher ratio

Cyber charter school merges classically based curriculum with latest technology. Global awareness developed through the study of great leaders in history.

Application deadline: Mar. 29         

Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School (PA Virtual)   


Grades K-12; 2,721 students; 33:1 student/teacher ratio

Students work at own pace, get personalized help daily and participate in group music lessons and sports clubs; 55% of teachers hold a Master’s degree or higher.

Application period: Open           

SusQ-Cyber Charter School


Grades 9-12; 153 students; 13:1 student/teacher ratio

Blended curriculum merges individual student plan with learning from 11 online instructional providers.

Call for application deadline.

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