One Little Word – 2014


And just like that. . .the perfect word just jumps out and grabs a hold of you. . .that's how you know you've chosen wisely (or did it choose you?)

If you've been around the blog for a while, you may know that rather than make New Year's resolutions, I choose a word. The inspiring Ali Edwards set me on this course, and I have chosen to follow it for 6 years (since 2008). Some years, the word flows through my life regularly. Sometimes, it hits in flashes of clarity.

Either way, for me this is the best way to set my course for the upcoming year, and for 2014, my One Little Word is Journey.

Journey — an act of traveling from one place to another

Where will 2014 take me? I am excited to see where my journey will lead this year. My journey of work in blogging and social media, my journey as half of a married couple, my journey as a mother to two wonderful boys, my journey as a woman . . . we set upon the path of many journeys in our lives, and this year, I plan to pay attention to mine — to chart a course if you will.

Are you selecting a word to guide you this year? What's your One Little Word?

Hillary Chybinski is a crafty mom of two boys living the American Dream with her husband in the Philly burbs. This post was adapted from her blog My Scraps.

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