On the Needles: Knitting with Bulky Yarn


I have been in that cycle where I am starting and stopping projects. Some of it is the weather. It is too darn hot and since I’ve been starting to have my own personal summers I don’t want to be fooling around with yarn of any type.

Then there is lack of "crojo," or, motivation. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of projects in my Ravelry queue and don’t know what I should make. Re-organizing my stash was helpful in that I could see what yarn I had for projects and then repurpose some of the yarn that wasn’t being used. I did catalog the needles and hooks that I own and I realized that I have some hoarder tendencies. (Although really … who can have too many needles?)

But I digress.

Summer in Philly is now doing that thing where there are days when the humidity is not quite as serious and the days can be, dare I say it, pleasant! This means that evenings after work make me want to grab a chair, settle somewhere there is a breeze and work up a few rows.

A few months ago I picked up some yarn from AC Moore (where I met the nicest cashier, L!)  and have been trying to think of a project for it.

With two skeins of Stitch Studio’s Belle, I was able to make a seed stitch slouch hat, an extra long scarf and mittens, which The Bee claimed as hers (natch).

(WHEN will I learn not to ask her to model things for me?)

I have not quite finished this set because I need to weave in ends (least favorite thing to do) and the mittens are on time out because I can’t get a proper bind off that doesn’t make them look boxy and clunky.

When going through my stash I found a bunch of Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn in a variety of colors. Lion Brand Thick and Quick is a favorite to work with when I am trying to work up a quick project. Depending on where I bought the yarn – local chain store, online – it seemed that each location only carried certain colors and I went a little crazy because I had a bunch of coupons. When I was buying all of this yarn, I was on a leg warmer and headband kick so some of the skeins are partially used.

I took advantage of the partial skeins and made a seed stitch poncho.

This weekend I only had cramps a few times so I was able to get a lot more crafting done. There are a few WIPs I found that I *should* finish however the lure of my Ravelry queue beckons.

Rachée Fagg is a Delaware County, PA, mom. This post was adapted from her blog, Say It Rah-shay.


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