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The story of Spit That Out! The Overly Informed Parent’s Guide to Raising Health Kids in the Age of Environmental Guilt began nearly seven years ago when Paige Wolf — author, publicist and green-living expert — became pregnant with her first child. Always an eco-conscious person, Wolf says her concerns about which foods and other products were healthy to consume and use became more pressing once her baby’s well-being entered the picture. She’d always wanted to write a book, and now she knew what it would be about.

The 2016 edition of Spit That Out! replaces Wolf’s previously self-published version and has been completely updated to share the latest research on how our product choices and resource usage affect our health and the planet. The book includes interviews with a lot more parents, including celebrity moms like Alysia Reiner of Orange Is the New Black, and the result is a relevant, fresh perspective on how to navigate green-living issues amidst the chaos of parenthood.

What’s new?

In the new Spit That Out! readers will find a whole chapter on toxins in the school environment as well as information on greenwashing (the term for when a company invests more time and marketing to appear to be green than to enact truly green standards), green travel and what to do when you think you’ve made an eco-conscious decision but it backfires.

Aware of how easily busy and pressured parents already are, Wolf nixes the “Never do that; always do this” approach. She stresses, “The purpose of the book is not to put more pressure on people but to help answer questions, commiserate and talk to moms all over the country to get their solutions” to clean-living issues. For example, in the section of the book on diapering, Wolf balances the argument that cloth diapers are the only eco-friendly choice with a discussion of how to make disposable diapers a workable option by handling them in a particular way. Another example: If you’re not able or don’t want to nurse and plan to use formulas, Wolf offers pointers on what formula to buy.

Isn’t green living expensive?

A lot of people believe going green costs a lot more than the alternative. Wolf offers many pointers in Spit That Out! on how to live green on a budget, and she feels that making green choices “could save people loads of money in the long run.”

She explains, “At its core, being green is about consuming less. For instance, I almost never buy new clothing, especially for my kids. We do all hand-me-downs, second-hand shopping, etc. The same goes for much of our furniture and anything else we can get away with obtaining secondhand. We have saved a fortune on clothes and shoes, which we can put into things where we want to spend a bit more, like organic food. Being green is also about conservation and finding methods to use a bit less water, electricity and other costly resources. So in the end, if you are spending that much more money to be eco-conscious, you probably aren’t doing it right.”

The blog behind the book

Wolf’s crafted the book to be useful throughout the United States and even globally in some cases. Her blog,, offers hyper-local discussions on topics like the safety of Philly tap water and where to save on organic foods in the Delaware Valley but also reaches wide to encompass national issues and resources.

Got a question? Wolf encourages queries via her social media. You can connect with her at, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.  Spit That Out! is available on Amazon.

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