New Baby Love Sung in 2 Keys


CD: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer’s Sing to Your Baby: Love Songs & Sing-Plays for New Families answers the question, “Do parents really need help learning to sing to their kids?” with a resounding YES!

This joyously illustrated book/CD package is the best new baby gift since Dr. Spock. Fink and Marxer take lessons learned at the knee of Ella Jenkins and Shari Lewis to the next level, using simple infectious melodies and rhythms to reach a complex goal of parental bonding.

The project is aimed at both parents, with male and female voices singing the CD’s songs. This equal opportunity for any caregiver presents each song in two different keys, making them adjustable for any voice.

The song cues for each stanza suggest the most intimate folk festival ever. I love the simplicity of the lyrics and melodies and the diversity of musical styles that present them. This remarkable creation sets a new standard in baby/parent books, with the bonus of suggestions for social gatherings designed around singing to your baby.


Song: Brady Rymer: Love Me for Who I Am. Rymer’s CD of the same name is a brilliant collaboration inspired by his work with kids on the autism spectrum. “I may not walk the way you walk, but I got somewhere to go” from the title song summarizes the album’s attitude.

Seattle’s Recess Monkey sparked much of family music’s growth in the Northwest U.S. The trio makes a rare East Coast appearance this summer, with their high-octane approach to low-key fun, backed by some of the best songwriting in kids’ music.

Their superhero-themed Flying CD tour stops at Philadelphia’s World Café Live July 17. When you can’t catch them live, get your fill of Recess Monkey via their Minute with MayMo low budget high fun videos, like the one below.

Minute with MayMo, Episode #3

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