Mothers' Influence on Local Celebs

As parents, we want our children to be happy through each stage of their lives. How can parents help their children pursue their passions while they’re young and achieve fulfilling careers as adults? In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked some leading professionals from the Delaware Valley how their mothers helped them do just that.

Andrew Bailey

Pitcher with the Philadelphia Phillies

HOMETOWN: Voorhees, NJ

“My mom’s best advice to me was, ‘If you’re good enough, they’ll find you.’”

Rep. Jordan Harris

Member of the PA House of Representatives, 186th legislative district

HOMETOWN: Philadelphia

“My mother (right) and grandmother (left) have always been my biggest cheerleaders and supporters. My mother did her best to expose me to different things — piano, football, soccer, theater — and she helped me when I ran for student government. She always told me that I really could do anything I wanted to. I just had to put in the hard work that was needed.

My grandmother raised three children on her own, worked during the day, and went to college at night. After graduation she went on to teach in the Philadelphia schools. That’s where I learned determination. My grandmother and mother taught me that family is everything and providing service to others is what life’s about.”

Patricia Hasson

President of the financial literacy non-profit organization Clarifi

‚Äč HOMETOWN: Havertown, PA

“My mother has a terrific sense of humor. She still can laugh at herself and her mistakes. My ability to find humor in some bad situations to relieve stress and focus on the solution comes from watching her. She taught me to stand up for myself and by doing so also taught me to stand up for those that do not always have a voice.”




David Schwartz

Co-Owner with his mother of Rittenhouse Square women’s boutique Sophy Curson
HOMETOWN: Philadelphia

“My Mother always said that you should seek out the new and avoid repeating the past. I always try new things because my mother opened my eyes back then to seek new and not settle for normal.”

Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz

NBC10 Chief Meteorologist

HOMETOWN: Philadelphia

“Both my mother and father always said to do what I loved. My mother never pressured me to be a doctor or lawyer or businessman.

My mother always reminded me to speak proper English, and I never saw the importance of it. ‘What, am I going to end up on TV or something?’Well, I did, and she is the reason my grammar doesn’t get corrected every day by the viewers.”

Susan Stopper is a frequent contributor to MetroKids.

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