Mom's Book Review: My No, No, No Day!


Alexander famously had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Walking in those very big literary shoes is Bella, whose "no, no, no day" is documented in the 2012 picture book MomSpeaker Jean Ladden reviews here.

My No, No, No Day! by Rebecca Patterson

Age: 2-5 years

Genre: picture book

This book came across my desk at the library on a day my 2-year-old son was having a particularly hard time doing anything. He didn’t want to eat or get dressed or ride in the car . . . every parent has been there. My No, No, No Day! tells the story of Bella, a young girl who is having a bad day. She doesn’t want to eat the egg her mom made her for breakfast, doesn’t like her shoes and kicks them off, doesn’t want to ride in the grocery cart at the store, and on and on. All the while her patient mother and baby brother try to go on with their day without Bella’s bad temper catching up to them. At bedtime, however, Bella decides to let her mother read her a story, even though Bella doesn’t really want a story. The story calms Bella down and she tells her mom, “Today was a very bad day, Mommy. Sorry.” Of course, Mommy understands that some days are just like that, and the next day Bella has a much better time.

I like that this story acknowledges Bella’s feelings and doesn’t just make her out to be “bad.” The incidents the author creates seem very believable, and the reader feels for Bella (and her family) as she tries to make it through a day when nothing seems to go her way. I’m not sure I believe that in the end Bella would apologize to her mom, but I would like to hope that actually happens sometimes. Parents and children alike should relate to My No, No, No Day! and reading it could open up a good conversation when a child is feeling grumpy.

Bucks County mom Jean Ladden spends way more time reading children's books than adult books, and that's just the way she likes it. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Chatham University and is currently raising a 2-year-old, working part-time at a neighborhood library and freelance writing. She loves to share new books as well as old via her blog, Jean's Book Reviews.


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