MK Mom: Larisa Parker


Larisa Parker, mom of four, is an active member of MK’s social media community and a 2013 Toy Tester (read her review of Jenga Tetris here).

Larisa’s family: new hub Josh (they got married on Nov. 28); Luke, 13; Emma, 10; Ethan, 7; and Elijah, 3. They live in Elkton, MD.

Her multistate approach to fun

We live only 45 minutes in either direction from cities full of kid-related entertainment and arts. A local favorite is the Delaware Children’s Museum. We recently went to Xbos family fun center in Middletown, DE. It’s a little pricey, but if you are able to stay the whole day it’s worth it.

Four kids, one place at a time

We choose events even if they’re exciting to only one child; the others know they’ll get their turn. We recently stood in line for over an hour for a Lego Store promotional event for Ethan, who’s obsessed with Legos. Emma didn’t want to be there, but she knew she needed to be supportive.

Special needs don’t slow them down

Eli is autistic and often becomes anxious in crowds. Public meltdowns are a common occurrence for us. When we plan afamily outing, we are always fully preparedfor the what-ifs. I don’t want my other children to miss out because Eli can’t help reacting to his surroundings.

Why she’s an MK Mom

I love MetroKids. It’s interesting, informative and entertaining. I am thrilled they have a SpecialKids edition, too. The MK Facebook page is also a great resource. I check in several times a day and have met new friends there; moms who are going through similar struggles and situations have seen a comment I have contributed and will contact me to share ideas.


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