MK Mom: Anna Senders

Meet MK mom Anna Senders and her family

Last month, Anna Senders became MetroKids’ 3,000th Facebook fan. To mark the milestone, we asked the Philly resident to be October’s MK Mom.

Anna is co-owner with husband Erik of, an online pet-supply company. Their family includes son Sam, 13; daughter Mikaela, 3; & dog Marley, 9 months.

Favorite Philly kid venues: Since our kids have such a big age difference, we try to accommodate both at the same time. One of the places we go to satisfy both kids is a Phillies game: Sam watches the game with my husband and I take Mikaela to play at the Kids Zone.

Favorite kid-friendly restaurant: My kids love Max Brenner restaurant [the chocolate haven located in Rittenhouse Square]. It’s our “go-to place” for dinner and dessert after a show.

How she likes to spend family time: One of our main goals is to sit down and eat dinner together every night – this is not always an easy task! Even though we are extremely busy with launching, we still manage to take time to be together, whether it’s visiting the beach at Ventnor, NJ or enjoying a family game night.

Anna’s best-kept kid secret: We love to picnic under the canopy of huge trees at Lorimer Park in Abington Township, PA. There is a bridge that overlooks Pennypack Creek where the kids watch the fish swim up- and downstream. Our favorite time to visit is in summer, but it’s especially beautiful in the fall because of all the foliage.

How she uses MetroKids: I usually look at MetroKids when I plan my weekend with the kids. It’s got great resources and links to local activities.

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