Meet Our CoverKid: Mia B.

Our precocious CoverKid — Mia B. of Boothwyn, PA — attends PreK at a Catholic school in Delaware County. During her cover shoot, we asked her to fill us in on her life as a preschooler and gymnastics student.

About Mia’s family: Mia moved to PA two years ago and has two big brothers at home, Ryan (15) and Dylan (11). Ryan has been teaching her some Spanish and how to play baseball, and Dylan helps her play video games, build with Legos and ride her bike. Back in Georgia, Mia also has three older sisters and two brothers.

When she spends time with Mom and Dad, Mia likes to sing songs.

What she likes to do at preschool: Mia enjoys playing kitchen with her friends. She says, “I don’t always play the mom because I want it to be fair. I like being a big kid so I don’t have to cook or clean.”

Mia also enjoys her religion class. Her mom notes that Mia has been learning social skills like manners, kindness and thoughtfulness.

A few of her favorite things: Mia loves purple. Since her favorite movie is Frozen, it’s no surprise that she likes the song “Let it Go.” But Disney songs aren’t the only music she enjoys. Mia’s favorite musician is Bob Marley. She and her mom went to a reggae festival at the Mann Center over the summer and danced the night away to Mia’s favorite music.

What she likes about gymnastics: Mia likes working on cartwheels and is good on the bar and the balance beam. She enjoys taking classes at Double D in Glen Mills, PA.

What Mia thought of her first photo shoot: “It was beautiful. But it was a little too beautiful. I liked it, but it was a little hard smiling for a long time.”

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