Meet Our CoverKid: Jaime Lynne W.

The first of our 2015 crop of CoverKids, Jaime Lynne W. is also the John Robert Powers Scholarship winner. As such, she’ll attend the popular eight-week Modeling, Acting and Finishing class at JRP’s state-certified school (1435 Walnut St., Philly). Below, the poised, precocious 7-year-old fills us in on her busy life and cool kid likes.

About Jaime’s family: She lives in Jackson, NJ, with mom Margaret, dad Robert, 13-year-old bro Shawn and three dogs: Zoe, Lovey and Vectra.  

Jaime’s picks: “My favorite food is my grandma’s homemade chicken soup. I like to ride bikes with my friends Tiffany and Taylor. I do gymnastics and take dance lessons including tap, jazz and ballet. I also take voice, piano and guitar lessons. I am a Girl Scout. My favorite movie is Big Hero 6 and my favorite book is The Kissing Hand.”

Why did she want to be a CoverKid? “My parents and I looked at the magazine and thought there was really cool stuff for kids inside. It also looked like the kid on the cover was having a lot of fun and I thought, ‘That’s for me.’ ”

Jaime’s future plans: “I want to be a psychiatrist and a model. I also want to be the first female president.”

Fave family activities: “We love to go to Disney. We love reading books and playing games like Jenga.”

The best-kept kid secret in her town? “I cannot tell you because then it would no longer be a secret.” (Jaime did, however, give props to iPlay America.)

What about the start of the new school year most excites her? “I’m looking forward to making new friends, meeting my new teacher and learning new things, especially science, because that is my favorite subject.” 

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