Meet Our CoverKid: Bryn K.

The perfect CoverKid for our early education issue, 3-year-old Bryn K. is currently enjoying her first year in preschool. The blue-eyed cutie from Warrington, PA arrived at the photo shoot with a favorite friend in hand — a small stuffed giraffe named Giraffey — and, with some help from her mom, filled us in on the people, places and things she likes most. 

Bryn’s family: Mom Dina, dad Ron and big brother Chase, 10. 

Personal faves: Color — purple; movie — Frozen (Dina thinks Bryn’s partial to Anna); food — chicken nuggets; ice cream flavor — chocolate; game — Just Dance on Wii; outdoor activities — riding her bike and playing with friends. 

School routine: “I eat fruit” as a snack, learn from teachers Miss Angela and Miss Sue, and hang with BFFs Noelle and Michael. At the end of the day — she attends full-day every Tuesday and Thursday — “Mommy comes to get me!”

PreK prep: “When Chase was little I interviewed a bunch of preschools; based on that and talking with friends who have kids in preschool now, we knew where to go when I was ready to enroll Bryn,” Dina says. “It’s close to home and has had the same directors for the past 10 years, so I was happy with the comfort level. You go with what you know.” 

“Little” spots, big fun: Bryn always has a blast at The Little Pod indoor playground in N. Wales and the Little Gym in Warrington.

Big bro moments: Bryn and Chase like to play “superheroes” together. “They’re polar opposites,” Dina says. “Bryn’s very active and wants to know about everything. Chase is more laid-back; he likes to chill and do his own thing. It’s a good balance.”  

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