Make Santa Binoculars With the Kids


The anticipation building up to Christmas is such a fun time. Kids just can’t wait for Santa to visit their house. We love to use this waiting period for some fun Christmas crafting, sensory play, and activities. These DIY Santa binoculars are easy for kids to make, and will make looking for Santa even more fun!  

Kids can peek out the window each night to see if they can catch a glimpse of Santa flying in the sky. My kids like to say that trails left from airplanes are where Santa is doing his test flights

What you need for the Santa Binoculars

  • 2 Empty TP Holders
  • Red Felt
  • Gold Scrapbook Paper
  • White Faux Fur
  • Black Tape (I used Gorilla)
  • Ribbon or String
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

How to Make Santa Binoculars

  1. Cut 2 rectangles the width of your tp rolls and make sure the length covers the entire roll as well. Wrap each piece around the holders then glue.
  2. Place both tp holders together and wrap the end with the black tape. This will hold the binoculars in place.
  3. Cut a small square out of the gold paper and glue on to the middle of the black tape.
  4. Wrap the faux fur around the end of the binoculars and cut to size, then glue on.
  5. Cut the ribbon/string to the desired length needed. Glue each end to the inside of the tp holders or between the felt and tp holder.
  6. Take outside and look for Santa!! Have Fun!

Katie Chiavarone holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from NYU and is a mom to three young children. She co-authored the book The Undeniable Power of Play. This post is adapted from her blog, Views From a Step Stool.


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