Make a Vacation Video

Summer vacation season is still in full swing. MomSpeaker Toni Langdon's a fan of making vacation videos with her kids and here shares tips to enhance the finished product.

Vacations are such a special time in a child's life. If you are like me, some of my fondest memories are from family vacations when I was a kid. But we all know that those amazing trips come and go and we're only left with a few fleeting memories. How cool would it be if you had a YouTube channel from your childhood that would allow you to remember all those great times? If you're worried about privacy, have no fear . . . you can easily mark your videos private on YouTube. Simply create a YouTube channel, upload your videos to YouTube (easy option from iPhones and Androids) then erase from your phone so you have more storage for recording more awesome memories!
Do I have you convinced?

Here are some ideas to make your videos awesome.

  1. Create a "How To" video with your child. Children love to teach others something that they know. Why not allow them to create a how to video about fishing, gymnastics, catching crabs or building a sandcastle?
  2. Interview your child. Children LOVE interviews. Make sure you ask unique questions like, "What do you think is on the other side of the ocean?", "How many crabs do you think you can eat?", "How much money do you think an ice cream cone costs?" or "What's the worst/best part about vacation?" You may be surprised at the hilarious answers!
  3. Play around with editing features. If you have a newer iPhone, you can play around with the slo-mo feature ( a mode next to the camera and video options).

Videos are not only fun to create on vacation, but they will be a special treasure you can keep for years to come!

Toni Langdon is a single mom of two daughters living in Chester County, PA. Toni is a nonstop mom juggling work, parenting and life. She brings a unique perspective while having a black belt in martial arts, a love for fashion and a passion for giving back. This post is adapted from her blog Tickles and Time Outs


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