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The Bancroft School Early Education Program

Bancroft is one of the largest providers in the region for supports and education for those with Autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Bancroft School’s Early Education Program, located in Cherry Hill, NJ, provides preschool and elementary children ages 3-9 the foundation for success. Expert staff employ highly effective instructional strategies, rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis as well as other behavioral supports to create personal instruction plans for each student with unique goals and benchmarks to measure progress. As important, we focus on the socialization and recreation opportunities for each child to grow and experience joy in friendship and family.

Through family centered support, community inclusion and supportive services including speech and language, occupational, physical therapies and assistive technologies, we are able to provide the highest level of integrated support for all the needs of each child.



201 Kings Highway South, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 United States
Phone Number: 800-774-5516
Category: Education
Most Recent Year UPDATED: 2019

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