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Brookfield Schools

Brookfield provides a trauma-sensitive approach to educational and therapeutic services for students ages 5 ¬ 21 at Brookfield Elementary (K – 8), Brookfield Academy (9–12), and Transition to College (11–12) with special behavioral needs who require intensive behavioral/therapeutic interventions. It also provides an educational component and outreach in South Jersey and Philadelphia with a staff recognized for their expertise in trauma-sensitive, informed and focused approaches; restorative-justice practices, and transformational teaching strategies.
Brookfield schools follow Common Core State Standards; provide required state testing, and are approved by New Jersey as private schools serving students with disabilities and accredited by NCASES.


1009 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 United States
Phone Number: 856-795-8228, ext. 223
Category: Education, Vocational

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Enrollment: 133