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American Visionary Art Museum

800 Key Hwy., Baltimore, MD 21230 United States
Phone Number: 410-244-1900
Category: Art Museums & Centers

A life-size, interactive chess set of sculpted metal aliens and angels, an 8-foot Cosmic Galaxy Egg, an annual Kinetic Sculpture Race featuring wacky, human-powered works of art designed to travel across various terrains: This isn’t your typical art museum.

KIDBIT: Check out programs like AVAM in the Afternoon and FREE after-school workshops with the Enoch Pratt Free Library let kids explore the exhibits, meet the artists and create their own visionary works.

FAMILY MUST-SEES: With wild sights at every turn, family-fave standouts include outlandish, human-powered vehicles from the museum’s annual Kinetic Sculpture Race — including Fifi, a mammoth pink poodle. The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre brings handcrafted robots to life with a crank or button, and Wayne Kusy’s Lusitania is a massive ship model made of 193,000 toothpicks.

For SpecialKids:
Offers Field Trips?: No
Free Admission?:
Free/Discounted Museum Days: Bank of America Museums on Us, Blue Star Museums
Admission: $15.95, adults; $9.95, kids; FREE, kids 6 and younger.
Fall Fun:
Parties: No