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Penn Charter Summer Camps

Penn Charter Summer Camps offer an experience for kids of all interests. Day Camp is the best in old-fashioned fun with art, music, swimming, tennis, archery, cooking and guest performers. Enrichment Camp is hands-on learning with fun, challenging activities to stimulate creativity. Science Engineering campers work with LEGO robotics, slime, chemistry and rockets. Science Invention campers work with balloon rocket cars, art bots, electricity and robots. Sports Camp offers expert instruction in eight sports, plus field trips. One-week Varsity Camps (baseball, wrestling, basketball, tennis, soccer, squash) offer advanced instruction by varsity coaches. Sing, act, dance, create and perform in a musical production during 4-week Performing Arts Camp. In Digital Music Design, use the latest tech to learn, play, compose and improvise songs; build on those skills in the advanced level. Pottery campers learn to throw a basic cylinder, pull and attach handles, and add texture and glazing. Rock Climbing teaches risk management and wilderness safety. Robotics campers use LEGO NXT robotics system to construct robots that can navigate an obstacle course. Girls Empowerment Camp builds confidence through creative arts, physical challenge, team building. Handwork Studio Camps invite budding fashionistas and crafty kids to machine sew, embroider and weave, or to design and build using recycled cardboard construction systems. Rocketry Campers will build and launch their own rockets. In Drone Camp, use Syma XIIC drones to learn flight basics and complete an obstacle course. CodeCraft Academy will teach how to code in Minecraft. Minecraft Survivor employes logic and programming using redstone; build on it in Minecraft Survivor Advanced. Chess Campers will play tournament-style recorded chess with chess clocks.

Don’t feel like packing lunch during the summertime? Try our healthy, delicious lunch option; sign up in advance or pay by the day. Other options include transportation and an extended-day program. Schedule a private tour.

3000 W. School House Ln., Philadelphia, PA 19144 United States
Phone Number: 215-844-3460
Category: Day

Mix and match more than 20 camps. Day, Sports, Performing Arts, Science, Electronic Music, Drone, Robotics, Rocketry, Handwork Studio, Dance, Pottery, Chess, MineCraft, Girls Empowerment, Tennis, Squash, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling. Experience everything! Lunch, transportation, extended-day available.

Camp/Additional Information

Camp E-mail: summercamps-penncharter-com
Camp State: PA
County: Philadelphia
Activities Included: Academics, Acting, Acting/Drama, Archery, Arts, Ceramics, Cheer/Gymnastics, Dance, Digital Music, Drones, Minecraft, Music, Pottery, Robotics, Rocketry, Rockets, Science/Technology/STEM, Sewing, Sports, Swimming, Wall Climbing
Camp Ages: 3-16
ACA Accreditation:
Special Needs Served:
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Special Needs Served: