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Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center

The Performing Arts Camp is for children ages 7-13 from June 26 to August 4; Monday to Friday 9 am-4 pm. A fun-filled program with activities including, ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop, African, drama, and theater along with outdoor recreation. For children from beginner to intermediate levels. Develop dance/theater skills, self-confidence, and teamwork in a nurturing and supportive environment. Culminating performance on August 4. We also offer Saturday Dance for ages 3-7 from July 8 to August 5. Children learn the basics of ballet and tap in a fun-filled environment

3611 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19104 United States
Phone Number: 215-222-7633
Category: Day, Program

Camp/Additional Information

Camp State: PA
County: Philadelphia
Activities Included: Acting/Drama, Dance
Session Length: 2-6 weeks
Camp Ages: 6 to 17