Leap Year Quiz for Kids

Fun facts for children about leap years and Feb. 29th.


Does it even occur to kids that Feb. 29 is unusual? If you have curious kids who notice that it is a day that doesn't always show up on the calendar, here's a quiz for them, drawn from Leap Year Facts for Kids by the Kiddle Encylopedia.


1. Feb. 29th is always the same day of the week as what other day in February?


A) Feb. 1

B) Feb. 14

C) Feb. 2


2. A leap year comes once every four years except when the year can be evenly divided by 100, but not by 400. Which of these WAS a leap year?


A) 1700

B) 1800

C) 1900

D) 2000


3. If we didn't have leap years, spring would start one day sooner (on the calendar at least) every four years, which means that after 360 years, the first day of spring would be:


A) March 17

B) Feb. 1

C) Dec. 21

D) Oct. 31


4. Was there ever a Feb. 30?


A) Yes

B) No


See answers on the next page.



1. Feb. 1

2. 2000

3. Dec. 21 (That doesn't seem like such a bad thing.)

4. Yes, in 1712 Sweden added a Feb. 30 so it could switch from the Swedish calendar to the Julian calendar. Imagine being born that day!

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