Last-Minute Push for Aidan's Law

The bill meant to keep PA schoolkids safe from sudden cardiac arrest will disappear if the State Senate doesn't put it on the agenda and vote by tomorrow.

June 20 would have been Aidan Silva's 10th birthday. Nearly three years ago, the Chesco boy died at school, a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. Prior to his death, Aidan had no symptoms of a heart condition.

Since that tragic day, Aidan's family has worked tirelessly to ensure that all public school instructional buildings in Pennsylvania be equipped with and maintain an automated external defibrillator (AED). Aidan's Law, bipartisan bill SB 606, would make this a reality and help reduce the estimated 2,000 young lives lost each year to sudden cardiac arrest.

The bill now has a chance of passing in the Senate, bypassing the House of Representatives, and becoming a law – but it must be put on the Senate's agenda and be brought up for a vote on the floor before the legislators adjourn for the summer at the end of this week. If this does not happen, the bill will be thrown out.

To prevent this from happening, the Silvas urge supporters to call the office of Senator Jake Corman of the Appropriations Committee at 717-787-1377 and tell him the following:

  • That you'd like to see Aidan's Law passed as written, funding included.
  • That the children of Pennsylvania deserve to be protected as much as the children in New Jersey, New York and other states that have passed AED legislation.
  • That according to the American Heart Association, 16 kids are affected every day by sudden cardiac arrest
  • That the AEDs currently in many PA schools, purchased in 2001, are expiring and are in danger of being ineffective in the case of cardiac emergency
  • That many schools in poorer districts of the state have no AEDs and that kids' heart safety should not be determined by zip code

Get more information about the campaign to push Aidan's Law through the Senate here. Follow the Silva family's ongoing efforts to conduct free heart screening events for youth and equip schools with AEDs through Aidan's Heart Foundation, soon to receive 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.



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