Kids' Wildlife Photo Contest

The National Wildlife Federation invites kids age 12 and younger to submit photos to an ongoing Ranger Rick "Your Best Shots" Photography contest.

The contest is free to enter, and the winners could have their photos featured on the Ranger Rick website and in the magazine. Judges will select a winner every month.

Ranger Rick magazine, published by National Wildlife Federation, has been delighting kids with amazing wildlife photography for more than 40 years. Children do not need to subscribe to Ranger Rick to enter the contest.

Children can enter with parent’s or guardian’s permission at Two free printable picture frames are available for simply entering the contest. Even if you don’t enter the contest, you can vote for your favorite entries on the web site.

Getting kids out to explore and photograph things in the natural world connects them with nature and provides a break from their inside world consumed with high tech devices. Here are some tips from the National Wildlife Federation to help kids take award-winning photos:

  • Nature photography generally requires stillness so be patient and quiet to get a great shot
  • Think small: backyard wildlife make wonderful subjects.
  • Get close, but not too close if you are photographing a wildlife critter.
  • Be sure to respect and appreciate your photo subject and the nature around you when taking photographs.
  • You don’t need expensive camera equipment to take a great photo.

More info on Ranger Rick and the magazine can be found at

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