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How to Perfectly Wrap a Gift Box
Mariangela Petrone, winner of the 2010 Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest, shares these steps for wrapping a package like a pro.

Step 1: Roll out your wrapping paper and measure it against the box you’re wrapping. When the edges of the paper meet, make the perfect cut.

Step 2: Make sure the box is centered in the wrapping paper. Pick up the two opposite ends of the wrapping paper, and secure in place on the box. (You could use a Scotch Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser, which allows you to hold the paper taut with one hand while taping with the other.)

Step 3: To finish each end of the gift, fold the excess paper down and crease along the top edge of the gift; then fold in the two flaps you’ve just made to form a triangle. Lastly, pull the point of the triangle up so the point almost touches the top edge of the gift and secure with tape.

Playful Paper Source

Cute characters and critters embellish Paper Source’s holiday papers and tags. The scarf-wearing elephants and gift-toting alligators on the Holiday Animals Wrap are perfect for baby holiday gifts. The Holiday Gnome Wrap’s quirky and festive skiing gnomes work well for winter holiday and birthday gifts for all ages. With the pre-cut papers and embellishments in the Holiday Elf Kit, kids can craft their own elfish gift tags. $2.50-$14.50. Stores in Ardmore, PA and on Walnut St., Phila.


The Hallmark Cookie Solution

Trade the Tupperware in your cabinet for Hallmark’s food presenters when giving homemade cookies this year. The boxes come in bright red and green colors with windows to see your savory treats inside, plus cheery tags that declare “Munchy Christmas!” or “Oh Christmas Treats!” $3.49.

Stephanie Halinski is calendar editor and toy/product coordinator of MetroKids.


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