It's a Good Time To Try Soccer

The U.S. team’s exciting performance in the Women’s World Cup has roused interest in youth soccer just as fall teams are forming. How hard is it for kids new to the game to get involved?

“There are community-based programs throughout the area,” says Kevin Rooney, president of Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer. “Some have activities for kids as young as 5.” To find a local club, contact your parks and recreation department or visit

“Remember, though, that your 5-year-old is not on the Women’s World Cup team,” says Haddonfield, NJ dad Robert Strauss, author of Daddy’s Little Goalie: A Father, His Daughters and Sports. “When my older daughter was in a 6-year-old soccer program, a parent dragged her embarrassed kid up to the supervisor to demand more playing time. The supervisor said, ‘Lady, if you want a scholarship, play the oboe.’”

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