MomSpeak - September 2012

Earning his keep

Mom blogger Stephanie Glover's son Ethan, 4, enjoys doing household chores. So she and Ethan used the iPad Chore Pad app to organize their family's tasks.

Where Do I Recycle My…

Professional organizer and mom blogger Darla DeMorrow tells where in the Philadelphia area to recycle everything from Beanie Babies to wire hangers.

No more 'Little Hooker' clothing lines

The permission slip specifically noted “no thong bikinis” for the annual field day.  A friend asked me if we received the same letter at my son’s school in the same district which, amazingly, we didn’t.  A few other heads turned…

Cultivating friendships in the community

This post is an excerpt from MomSpeak blogger Erin Flynn Jay's new book, Mastering the Mommy Track: Juggling Career and Kids In Uncertain Times.  I believe it’s important to cultivate friendships within your neighborhood or community. We have lived in…

'They'll ruin you'

Recalling the traumantic impact when she learned as a child that her grandmother had once been attacked, mom blogger Rachée Fagg takes control of how the story will be told to her own daughter.

Hurry up and wait

Mom blogger Marion Kase resolves to enjoy more moments with her kids, rather than rushing through their childhood.

Fear and self-loathing

Mom blogger Jeanne McCullough recalls her teen self-esteem issues and says women should stop expressing self-loathing in front of young girls.