MomSpeak - November 2012

Reading tip: Ask open-ended questions

When reading to a child, ask questions about the story to enhance language, expression, comprehension, critical thinking and memory skills says mom blogger Marissa Kiepert Truong, PhD.

Raw veggie embargo lifted

Leo isn't a picky eater, exactly. He will eat just about anything if he's in the right mood, but will exercise his free will arbitrarily  One night he will heartily eat spinach and sweet potatoes over an artichoke and white bean…

Why not today?

Inspired by her teenager's dedication to the high school marching band, Mom blogger Raya Fagg reviews goals she has put off.

Girl Power

Mom blogger Darla DeMorrow reacts with tears and determination to the story of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teen shot by the Taliban, as well as other women's causes closer to home.

Maintenance: when will my life begin?

When I was obese, I daydreamed about being thin. I thought about all the ways my life would change.  I'd wear stylish clothes. I'd never gain the weight back. I'd rub it in the face of everyone that ever doubted…