MomSpeak - March 2013

Mom's bucket list

Been thrown up on Been locked out of the house by the kids Tended a skinned knee while cringing and feeling faint by the sight of blood Read a book to them using funny voices Hid from the kids to…

Reading with newborns

Read aloud to your newborn. Not only is it a way to cuddle and bond, your baby gains language skills through hearing words says mom blogger Marissa Kiepert Truong, PhD.

Ribbon Wands

Here's a fun craft for kids — and yet another use for toilet paper tubes!!  My daughter absolutely loves these ribbon wands! Simply punch several holes toward the top of one end of the tube, tie as many ribbons as…

Sibling differences

Mom blogger Lisa Weinstein recalls how she felt when an aunt gave more attention to her sister. She should have known better.

Momyland surprises

Mom blogger Darla DeMorrow notes that parenthood surprises us with things we never thought we'd care or worry about, like table manners and respect.

Scouting is a family affair

Each Saturday my family dons the uniform of Boy and Girl Scouts and spends the day at White Rock Baptist Church. Any given day, there is some scout related activity in our home. In the fall it’s recruiting for our…