MomSpeak - July 2012

Catching the Cheering Spirit

Mom blogger M.B. Sanok finds inspiration from her daughter's participation in the South Jersey Storm Twisters, a cheerleading squad for kids with special needs.

I Used To Be 'That Parent'

Blogger Rachée Fagg admits to having been overly focused on her daughter's achievements and milestones. Then, two important influences changed her outlook.

Sky-High Fun with Airplanes

On a long international flight, expect to forgo sleep, embrace crankiness and if your kids act up, handle plenty of glares. Is it worth it? You bet, says blogger Marion Kase.

Healthy Vacation Snacks

Keeping summer snacks healthy is a challenge for mom Trina O'Boyle, who blogs at O'Boy! Organic. Here are the treats she serves up at the shore.

Love and Photography

Mom blogger Kelly Jopson-Brown expressed love for her daughter through a series of photographs, leading to an important realization.

Signs of Summer

Mom blogger Shivaun Williams paints a poetic picture of summer's detritus, and her response to it.

My Kids Can Run!

Mom blogger EJ Curran takes up running, and finds that her kids were paying attention, and daughter KM even entered a school race.