How to Sell Your Kids' Old Sports Equipment

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How’s your summer going? I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, with about 89 blog posts 90 percent written and just a few too many projects on my plate. But it’s all good. I’ve been reading a few good books, teaching my little ones to ride bikes and doing some organizing at my place.

One of those organizing projects is always and again my garage. I’ve got a few too many things in my garage since the girls both traded up a size in bikes. You know how much I love the Just Between Friends sales, but I didn’t have my act together that early this year, and so I went to Plan B.

Have you heard of Play It Again Sports?

Today I took a van-load of gear to the one in Berwyn, PA and made $22.25 cash by selling two sets of skates, some training wheels, a helmet neither of my girls ever wore and an itty-bitty scooter. I also consigned two items, a two-seater wagon and a small princess bike. If they both sell before the end of the summer, I’ll net another $30.

Things they didn’t take? Two sets of black skates, a double bike rack for a sedan, and a sweet child seat for a bike (whichis going up on CraigsList tonight).

My point?

Certainly not that $22.25 is going to change my week. It isn’t. Or even that I have more space in the garage. I do.

But these things that have been gunking up my basement, my garage and my life have now moved on to make another family happy. That just makes sense for everyone, and another child will get to use these things before they are damaged or decay.

I hope if you find yourself tripping over unused sports equipment this summer, you find your way to a local consignment sale or store to pass it on. Maybe you’ll even fund part of your next project, $22.25 at a time.

Darla DeMorrow is a Wayne, PA mom, professional organizer and author. This post was adapted from her blog Heartwork Organizing. She also blogs at The Pregnant Entrepreneur and you can circle her on Google+.

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