How to keep kids busy at the doctor's office


Soon, we’ll all be heading into doctors’ offices getting those annual check ups before we send the kids back to school. Here are a few tips that can help you keep the kids calm and out of trouble.

Ways to keep your kids busy in a doctor's office:


  • ABC Scavenger Hunt – One of our favorites, because it’s so easy to do and requires no supplies. Start with A and either look for objects or words around the room that begin with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Color me a picture – Bring your crayons and have your child create pictures on the exam table paper or in coloring books.
  • Draw it out – Take the same idea as above, but have your kids draw shapes and people. I have found that over the years, the doctors ask the kids to do this as part of the exam anyway as a way of testing their development. If you have this done, not only have you kept them busy but you’ve saved a few minutes of exam time
  • Read a book – Take advantage of the books in the exam room or bring your own. Use the waiting time to spend quality time reading together.
  • Mini Field day – How many times have you been asked by the doctor can your kid do this or that? Honestly, during our most recent visit I couldn’t remember if my son could hop on one foot. Use this time to test your kids skills. Can they hop on one foot? Walk a straight line with their eyes closed? Do they know where their hips are? Be funny. Be silly. Get them active and test their skills while you wait.
  • Go go gadget – Bring their favorite smart toy or lend them your smart phone to play an educational game as you wait.
  • Play a game – Many games require no paper or supplies. Try

    • I spy
    • 20 questions
    • Charades
  • Games to go – If you think ahead, these games travel well and are quiet enough to be played with in a doctors office.

How do you keep your kids busy at the doctor’s office? Do you have a tip you can share with other parents?

Jennifer Auer is a South Jersey mom. Check out her blog, Jersey Family Fun.


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