Here Comes Spring!

The new KidsTrade app (free for Apple and Android devices) will entice tweens and teens to purge unused items from their rooms to trade or sell. For safety, only other users at the child’s own school can interact unless a parent expands the boundaries. A happy byproduct: Kids learn the value of things they either own or crave and find a greener way to try out new-to-them products.

Lily & Momo accessories are picture perfect for Easter or any dressy occasion this spring. The handmade hair clips, ponytail holders, headbands and bags add a splash of color and style to every trendsetting tots’ wardrobe.



Is your tike eager to try out a two-wheeler this spring, but you’re not quite sure how to teach her to ride one? The Glide Bike balances at slower speeds and rides lower to the ground than a traditional two-wheeler, features that help many children, including those with special needs, conquer the milestone of riding a big-kid bike.

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