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The Safety of Children’s Food

Pediatrician and MomSpeak blogger Katie Lockwood discusses ways to avoid additives and plastics when preparing food for your family.

How to Treat a Minor Cut

Cuts and kids seem to go together, especially in the summer. Not every cut requires stitches, but they do need more than a kiss to make them better. If it is more than three-quarters of an inch long or a…

Where Should You Go To Get Medical Care on Vacation?

When a summer vacation turns into a medical emergency, it can be nerve-racking to get your kids the care they need in an unfamiliar environment. Whether you’re traveling abroad or spending your days relaxing on the Jersey or Delaware shore…

How Much Sleep Do Kids, Tweens, Teens Need?

Lost sleep hurts learning and hinders school-day success, according to sleep experts and numerous new studies. That’s bad news, because today’s kids get about an hour less sleep each night than they did 30 years ago, says New York Times…

Corporal Punishment

Experts and readers debate the physical discipline method of corporal punishment

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